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Drachones-rally-raid Seven days of racing in the off-road paradise, Romania.

Over 2700 km from Bucharest, over Craiova, Horezu, Sibiu,
Bistrita and Satu Mare to Timisoara.

After 7 days of competition and more than 2,700 km covered, the first edition of Drachones rally closed on September the 4th. After a final special stage of 77 km that took place by the Timis river side, the competitors arrived in Timisoara where the award festivity was held.

The rally was organized by Bucharest Motomall Racing in cooperation with Dracones Rhabon Craiova and Speed Racing Timisoara and did not disavow its renown, as the competitors had to face absolutely draconic conditions.

On the first day of the rally (August the 29th) the competitors had to cover 470 km, of which 340 were a special test with a complex route from the point of view of the navigation that crossed the vast Romanian Plain , to reach Craiova neighborhoods. Unfortunately, the very first day proved to be the end of the rally for Ioan Tara, a member of the national enduro team, who suffered a double femur fracture.

Regarding the Auto section, the route was highly convenient for the Romanian team - Radu Ciortan / Ana Maria Parvu, a British resident, who fully took advantage of the knowledge acquired in similar race tracks in Africa, thus managing to outrun his competitors by 12 minutes.

On the second day, the special route was of almost 370 km, most of it made up of sand tracks or even small dunes, in the south of Dolj county. Then the route gradually went up, the competitors ending the day near Novaci, Dolj county. Incidents were unavoidable this time too, as the Turkish racers fell down may a time, so that, the following day, the Turkish team Ruzgar Eszmez was much diminished at the beginning or the competition.

The race length, the sand and the density of navigation intensely challenged the competitors, so that only four of them succeeded in reach the finish in due time.

As for the auto section, the Italian team Schiumarini / Maroni took advantage of Ciortan / Parvu’s rather “bad day’ and ranked the first. A nice surprise was offered by the team Georgian Coapsi / Catalina Filip Coapsi who, by their perfect navigation and constant rhythm, also succeeded in finishing these first stages that reached beyond international rallies in point of complexity.

On August 31st, the rally crossed the Carpathians to reach Sibiu, following a route with portions that could qualify even for an enduro racing. The start was delayed until 11 o'clock, due to bad weather conditions, as fog and pouring rain in Ranca (1650 m altitude) had been present since 3 o'clock in the morning. The rapid and unsafe mountain tracks obliged the competitors to be extremely prudent, piloting errors and going off the road being not allowed, as in plain areas. On the alpine plateaus fog was present again, seriously challenging the competitors. Marc Sandu had a puncture, so he couldn’t arrive in Sibiu before 2 o'clock in the morning.

The motor racing witnessed the competition between the two leading teams, the “English” one - Ciortan / Parvu proving that they are difficult to be defeated.

On September the 1st on the route Sibiu - Bistrita, the Italian Ugo Filosa also joined the rally caravan, coming directly from Baja Hungary where he had won his class category, maintaining himself in the competition for the podium of the European championship. Unfortunately, the Italian pilot was not as lucky in Romania, since the worn out sprockets and several other technical problems obliging him to stop many times and thus miss the stage.

The auto leg was won by Schiumarini / Maroni.

On September the 2nd, the leg between Bistrita and Baia Mare took place in rainy conditions, which affected the portions of the route made of earthen roads, dramatically reducing the average speed of the competitors. The Italians maintained themselves in the leading position, fully taking advantage of the mud-designed tires, even if the left door was totally destroyed upon colliding with a tree.
On September the 3rd, the leg between Satu Mare and Timisoara was again bad luck for Ugo Filosa, as his motorbike was repeatedly damaged and the communication media obliged him to forfeit a part of the route. In this leg, at the motor section, the only one to collect all the CP (control points) was Marc Sandu who, once in the spirits of the rally, simply ignored the injury he had at the right hand and the cold he had caught while driving through the rain, succeeding in keeping a constant and efficient rhythm.
This was the day when the winner was decided – the team Parvu/Ciortan being blocked in the field for almost 3 hours.

The "festive" stage was far from being a mere parade before the award, ambitions animating the 77 km of racing. Ugo Filosa took a fulminating start and it seemed that nothing could stop him. Unfortunately for him, bad lucks went on, the Italian spectacularly going off road at a speed of more than 100 km/h , in a curve. After a jump of more than 10 m long and 4 m level difference, the technical condition of his motorbike prevented him from continuing the race.

The auto section was won by the team Ciortan / Parvu, after a spectacular bar to bar race with Schiumarini / Maroni team.

After 7 days of racing, the podium of the competition looks as follows;
Drachones Open Class was won by Dragos Feodorof (Moto Adventure, Bucharest) vice-champion in 2009, followed by Levent Kalpacki (Ruzgar Esmez, Turkey) and Vlad Tiglariu (Moto Adventure Bucharest)

Drachones Hobby Class – the winner is Catalin Mitachescu (Adventure Ride Bucarest), followed by Paul Fratila (Moto Extrem Lugoj) and Yuksel Yagan (Ruzgar Esmez, Turkey).

The Auto Category was won by the Italian team Andrea Schiumarini / Giulia Maroni, followed by Radu Ciortan / Ana Maria Parvu and by Georgian Coapsi / Catalina Filip Coapsi.

Dan M. Costescu & Drachones Rally Raid Team









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